February 13th

  • Jeff Hamilton Trio

  • Wycliffe Gordon with James Morrison & Emmet Cohen Trio

  • Tom Scott Plays the music from ``Art Pepper Plus 11``/Ken Peplowski Plays ``Bill Smith's Concerto For Clarinet & Combo`` w/Shelly Berg, Chuck Redd, Nicki Parrot, James Morrison, Ron Stout, Wycliffe, Scott Whitfield, Rusty Higgins, KP, Adam Schroeder, French Horn Player TBD*

  • Scott Hamilton Quartet with Tom Rainier, Katie Thiroux, Joe LaBarbera


February 14th

  • Graham Dechter with Tony Monaco & Chuck Redd

  • Charles Turner with Emmet Cohen Trio & Scott Hamilton

  • Ken Peplowski, Katie Thiroux & Lewis Nash

  • Tom Scott with Shelly Berg, Nicki Parrott & Joe LaBarbera


February 14th

  • Joe LaBarbera Remembers Shelly Manne with Ron Stout, Ken Peplowski, Tom Ranier & Katie Thiroux

  • Barbara Morrison with Emmet Cohen Trio & Special Guest Graham Dechter

  • Lewis Nash with Wycliffe, Tom Scott, Nicki Parrott & Tom Ranier

  • James Morrison, Scott Hamilton & Ken Peplowski join Lewis and Co. for Jam Session

  • DANCING! Houston Person plays with the Jeff Hamilton Trio


February 15th

  • Tales from the Road - Jeff Hamilton, James Morrison, Tom Scott, Houston Person tell stories from their checkered careers. Hosted by Ken Peplowski

  • Piano Spectacular Hosted by Shelly Berg with Tom Ranier, Emmet Cohen Trio, Tamir Hendelman

  • Jeff Hamilton with Tony Monaco, Graham Dechter & Scott Hamilton

  • Katie Thiroux Trio with Matt Witek

  • Chuck Redd, Tom Ranier, Jon Hamar, Lewis Nash, Tom Scott, Nicki Parrott Trio, Shelly Berg & Joe LaBarbera

  • Emmet Cohen Trio Masterclass for High School and College Music Students


February 15th

  • Emmet Cohen Trio

  • Las Vegas Academy Of The Arts Big Band with Special Guest Ken Peplowski, Wycliffe Gordon, Tom Scott & James Morrison

  • Houston Person & Scott Hamilton Together and Apart with Shelly Berg, Katie Thiroux & Lewis Nash

  • After Hours with Tony Monaco, Wycliffe Gordon, Chuck Redd & Joe LaBarbera


February 16th

  • Tamir Hendleman - The Duets with Charles Turner, Scott Hamilton, Katie Thiroux, Lewis Nash & James Morrison

  • Tamir Hendleman - The Duets with Charles Turner, Scott Hamilton, Katie Thiroux, Lewis Nash & James Morrison

  • Chuck Redd on vibes with Nicki Parrott, Tom Ranier, Matt Witek, Tom Scott & Special Guest Barbara Morrison

  • Jeff Hamilton Trio with Special Guest Graham Dechter


February 16th

  • Special Patrons Private Concert and Meet & Greet featuring Shelly Berg, James Morrison, Nicki Parrot, Joe LaBarbera


February 16th

  • Wycliffe Gordon with Tom Scott, Jon Hamar & Lewis Nash

  • Veronica Swift with Shelly Berg, Nicki Parrott, Chuck Redd, Scott Hamilton & Charles Turner

  • Ken Peplowski, Lewis Nash & Katie Thiroux

  • James Morrison with Tom Scott, Nicki Parrott, Tom Ranier & Joe LaBarbera

  • Farewell From Ken Peplowski, Houston Person, Shelly Berg, Graham Dechter, Chuck Redd & Katie Thiroux